Tim & Lucy Meeks

Our Life

We had our front yard fenced, which seemed to cause quite a stir among neighbors. It gave us a great venue for lights. As we decorated for Halloween we placed lights around the roof line and along the fence line. We added a new piece to our collection of Halloween decorations. Along with our mummy and our witch we have a little pumpkin head butler. We have a little tree in the front yard which was perfect for hanging bats.

We managed to pare down some furniture figuring out what works in this house for us. We are settling in slowly, totally enjoying having our forever home.

In July Lucy’s Chihuahua Cocoa passed away. In September we adopted a puppy. We have added a Catahoula hound/ lab mix to our home. Porter will be year old in January. It’s kind of interesting as Cruiser; our chocolate lab will be 9 in January. He has been a good addition to the family as he plays with both Alexander and Cruiser.

We found a church to attend in our area with an amazing amount of people living close to us. We are meeting new people and making friends. Lucy has had the opportunity to help educated people on the fact the people with disabilities are just people. There is a group of little boys that are fascinated by the power chair.


I have had the fun of meeting a couple women who truly meant what they said. They wanted me to go to a women’s dinner show they came to learn how to load my chair in the van. Not only did they learn how they showed other women how to load and unload my chair. They came back and loaded the chair so I could go to a craft night. What a blast, seeing a group of cackling women using power tools, then switching gears and showing off new hairstyles.


Fall of 2014 brought new adventures for Tim. Both of these new adventures share a common theme, children. After much frustration Tim landed a part time job. He is having great time as the “lunch guy”. He is working at a middle school as part of the lunch crew. It’s a perfect job for Tim as it allows him to get Alexander on the bus in the mornings, then brings Tim home in plenty of time to pick Alexander up at school before picking up Lucy at work. His other adventure involving children is that he has started teaching a children’s Sunday school class. The class consists of 8 -11 year old boys and girls. It is interesting watching how adept they are at using I-pads for Sunday school.

A new interest for Tim is family history. He has started working on tracing his family along with Lucy’s paternal grandfather’s line. It is an exciting journal discovering records of ancestor’s travels to America.